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The Hannah (3-7)

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Our Raes sunglasses for children are awesome, flexible, safe Shades! Made from a super soft, high-quality silicone with a 100% UV400 blocking polarized, shatter-resistant lens, Raes reduce harsh glare and improve your child's visibility in the sun and won't break when you bend, twist or step on them!

Raes sunglasses from Shades on Point come with:

  • Flexible and soft silicone design
  • 100% UV400 blocking polarized lenses
  • Glare-free vision
  • FDA approved TAC shatterproof lenses
  • Safe for kids
  • Red Shades slim felt case
  • Shades on Point brand name on the temples
  • Safety!

Please keep in mind that model is intended to fit children ages 3-7, but as you know, every child is different!