The I'm Not a Cat-Shades on Point Sunglass Co-Black-1

The I'm Not a Cat

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Note to self: If you're going before a judge, you should maybe check your Zoom filter ahead of time. Even if you're here live and aren't in fact a cat. Just a suggestion.

Feeling eye strain from staring at screens for ten hours every day? Blue light glasses can help block harmful light from natural and unnatural sources - your phone, laptop, tablet and the sun. Sometimes referred to as computer glasses or gaming glasses, blue light glasses can also help with sleep patterns and headaches. Every pair from Shades on Point instantly transform into sunglasses as well with a magnetic clip-on polarized lens.

You're Frozen from Shades on Point come with:

  • Blue light blocking lens
  • Magnetic clip-on 100% UV400 blocking polarized lenses
  • Glare-free vision
  • FDA approved TAC shatterproof lenses
  • Black Shades clam shell case
  • Shades on Point brand name on the inside temple
  • Durable and comfortable design