According to FDA estimates, Americans bought more than 300 million pairs of sunglasses in 2014 – over 90% of which are made of petroleum-based plastics. This equates to nearly 80 tons of plastic, the vast majority of which will ultimately end up in landfills. By looking to eco-friendly materials – like wood – for our sunglasses, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the eyewear industry each year.

The area where the Three Rivers meet in Pittsburgh is lovingly referred to as The Point.  Our initial foray into producing wooden sunglasses includes three models at launch - The Allegheny, The Mon, and The Ohio.  Our logo features The Point because we like to always keep our Shades on Point!

These are very high quality, handmade, wooden sunglasses that we have painstakingly designed.  Every detail matters to us including the wood choices, microfiber cleaning bag, bamboo wooden carrying case, product box, shipping box, and surprise bonus items!  


Pittsburgh Golden Triangle


Contact us: info@shadesonpoint.com