You Can't Knock The Hustle

“Success in general is a well-balanced blend of luck, DNA, confidence, and hustle.”

As an entrepreneur, heck, as a human being, I have people who I look to for inspiration and motivation. We all do. I’m sure you’ve got a list of go-to Instagram handles that are the first thing you look at in the morning or the last you look at before bed. One of mine is Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary Vee.
If you haven’t heard this guy speak before, or don’t currently follow him on social media, I highly recommend checking him out. He is someone who is just on another level… all around. And right now, he’s campaigning hard for something he’s calling “Make Positivity Louder.” In other words, let’s stop letting the small minority of angry, hateful people have the loudest voice. Let’s join together, all of us who are grateful to wake up each day and use our efforts to make this world a better place, and get louder.
In response to Gary’s call to spread positivity, I wanted to take a minute to personally get louder. To be one of the people to help him on his mission. I’ve always been a “glass half full” kinda guy, and actually feel that I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with similar-type people.
Maybe growing up in Pittsburgh had something to do with that? The longer I’m away from my hometown, the more I realize what a unique place it is that I call home – people really are just NICE. They say “hi” to you and ask you how your day is going… and truly care about the answer. Pittsburghers go out of their way to direct a lost tourist or help an elderly neighbor. It’s like the three rivers infuse any of us who are born there, or anyone who has lived there long enough, with some sort of Yinzer drug that makes us that way. Or maybe we’re all just wired to get a natural high off helping one another?
I live off of a natural high – A natural high I get from not only helping those around me, but also from doing the things that I love, the things that motivate me every day, and from… hustlingOwning my own businesses…. Co-founding a non-profit… Building something from nothing…. That gives me pride and fills me with an energy that’s hard to describe, though I’m sure many of you know that feeling I’m talking about.
It’s that feeling – the euphoric energy – that I wish I could bottle up and sell on my site. But because I can’t, I will do my best to encourage you all to find what brings you that joy. Maybe it’s photography, or something else artsy and creative? Perhaps it’s helping others or volunteering? Maybe it’s taking a passion and making it your day job? Or maybe it’s just doing a kickass job on whatever your focus is on in this moment? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of success, of looking back and feeling proud that you did what you set out to do.
That’s part of my euphoria. When I look back to the notebook of ideas that was the basis for starting Shades on Point, I’m astounded as where we are in such a short amount of time. That feeling is hard to replicate, but it’s one that comes when you add passion and dedication together.
So join me in helping Gary Vee. Help us Make Positivity Louder. Tell us why you’re thankful, why you’re happy, why you see the glass half-full, too. We’re starting small, but 1>0, and every like/share/comment will help us build an empire.
Bless up.

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