What Does Your Fish Fry Order Say About You?

Grab some haluski, it’s time for Uncle Jerry’s Points of Interest

Last week, we figured out what Pittsburgh River best represents your personality. This week, we’re gonna talk about a tradition that happens up, dahn and all around da Burgh: The Fish Fry.

With so many different places to get your fish n'at, we couldn't just pick one to talk about. If you search “Fish Fry” in google maps, it would look like your phone had chicken pox! You can’t swing a dead cod in this tahn without hitting a piece of fried cod! Every church, legion and post have a deep fryer set at 350 degrees so we can scratch that Lenten itch.

Me? I’ve been fryin’ fish dahn St. Matthews since '97. I started on the fries, and when Cookie DeBlazio moved over to cashier, I got bumped up to the majors. It’s a good fish fry...the Christian Mothers make the haluski and mac and cheese. They also keep sellin’ aht of those brownies and cookies even though these heathens say they gave’at up for Lent!

Since tomorrow is Good Friday, I have developed a Yinzmus Test, if you will, on what your fish fry order says about you:

Bowl of Clam Chowder

You probably have’at stolen Tom Brady jersey in your basement.

Crab Cakes

Four words:  Ray. Lewis. Did. It. Take that purple shirt off! What’s wrong with you?

Fried Oysters

You're diggin' in dat nose big as the Liberty Tube while stuck in parkway traffic.

Shrimp Basket

You sang “Kiss the Girl” from the Little Mermaid at the Franklin Regional talent show.

Mac and Cheese

You have intentionally crushed someone on Kennywood’s Musik Express.

Baked Fish

You constantly have your Sewickley spin class instructor screaming in your head.

Fried Fish

While looking at the Pittsburgh skyline from Mt. Washington, you shed a small tear.


You can’t record the Pens game tonight because your DVR is full of Rick Sebak specials.


You have a baby picture somewhere with “studda bubba” written on the back.

Fried Fish Sammich w/ Coleslaw & Fries

You definitely have a metal Folger’s can full of screws and nails dahn the cellar.

Isn’t it time we make coleslaw the official currency of Pittsburgh? I mean, “cabbage” is already a synonym for money…

Have a great holiday weekend. Remember to smile when Father Joe makes a snide comment about only seeing you at Christmas and Easter.   

Oh, and tell your mother if she wants us to make that Peep Fluff dessert, I’m gonna need that tupperware back.


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