One, Two, Three and to the Four

It’s a Yinz-plosion Over Here!

If you’ve seen my latest vlog, you know that it was another big week for us here at Shades on Point and another testament to greatness of the city of Pittsburgh. There’s something about the people of this city and the way we all come together to support each other that’s pretty awesome.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen in communities all over the world, it most-certainly does, but there’s something different that happens here. I don’t know if it’s the wide mix of heritages you find in Pittsburgh, or that we’re a big city that still has a small town feel, or if it’s because in Pittsburgh six-degrees of separation is more like two-degrees – whatever it is, I feel lucky be someone who calls this great place home.

This week was a true testament to the way we all support each other. We announced a new advertising partnership with, something I’ve been wanting to do since before Shades on Point was even a fully-created brand. We’re excited to introduce Shades to the DK fan base and reach an audience beyond what we are currently grabbing on Facebook. We’re also proud to support the great work that Dejan and his team are doing and grateful that he and his team want relationships with smaller brands like us.

We were also pumped to announce a content partnership with a Pittsburgh legend, Dave DiCello, whose images will soon replace the ones we currently have on our site. If you don’t have one of his pictures hanging in your house or office or garage, you’ve got to ask yourself – “Am I a real Pittsburgher?” Dave’s an incredible artist who has captured the beauty of our city in a way that, arguably, no one ever has before and we can’t wait to add his artistic touch to our brand.

And finally, just over a week ago, Yinzers everywhere rejoiced at the news that James Conner would be staying right here in Pittsburgh when the Steelers drafted him in the third round. We all know James’ story – one of grit and fight and perseverance. We wanted to do what our little brand could to say “Thank you” to James – thank for you inspiring our city, thank you for making us proud by being the stand-up person that you are – so we’re sending him a pair of Shades. We hope you like them, James!

Those were the big highlights, but there’s so much more going on, too… smaller steps that for a new company like us are huge milestones. Our email campaigns are up and running, so sign-up to receive them if you haven’t already, we’ve hired our first two BA’s from the University of Pittsburgh – welcome to the team Jensen and Kirsten! – and our social community continues to grow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

So much more to come. Check back to see how we’re doing. Oh, and if you’re heading out to the big screen to catch the Pens in action, don’t forget your Shades!


Muz Shades on Point

(photo credit to Dave D, obvi)


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