Mahnt Yinzmore

Grab a chisel from the woodshed… It’s time for another edition of Uncle Jerry’s Points of Interest.

Was drivin’ back from Myrtle last week and the channels kept goin’ in and aht and I happened to land on some political talk show. Now, I don’t like talkin’ politics, but I overheard them say something about Mt. Rushmore. This is something you may not know about me, but I am a “Modern Marvels” fanatic. You ever heard that show? It was on the History Channel when history used to be on the History Channel and not marathons of Pawn Stars and Swamp People.

This show had it all. You saw how huge projects like the Golden Gate Bridge, St. Louis Arch and The Eiffel Tower were built. Well, season one, episode four was my favorite. Why? Mount Rushmore.

So, these radio political pundits (which sounds like a yinzer yelling at Tomlin for not goin’ for it on 4th and 1 “Geez… He’s pundit again!?”) are asking what President should be added to Mt. Rushmore. That took me dahn this huge Liberty Tube thought-tunnel that had me puttin’ multiple Mt. Rushmore-type faces up on Mt. Warshin’uhn...or should I say, Mahnt Yinzmore.

Without leavin’ you hangin’ anymore, here’s who I’d put up there instead of that Sprint Sign if it were me makin’ the choices ‘round this place:

Pittsburgh Sports Athletes: This tahn ain’t built on nothin’ after all

Mean Joe Green
Mario Lemieux
Roberto Clemente
Honus Wagner

Pittsburgh-Born Quarterbacks: Gotta be the river water

Joe Montana
Dan Marino
Jim Kelly
Johnny Unitas

Pittsburgh Natives: River water’s good for more than makin’ the best QBs

Andrew Carnegie
Fred Rogers
Thomas Mellon
Henry J. Heinz

Pittsburgh Newscasters: The best of the best to tell yinz what’s goin’ on n’at

Sally Wiggins
Stacy Smith
Andrew Stockey
Ross Guidotti

Pittsburgh Weather people: We know they gotta remind us ‘bout that rain

Joe Dinardo
Dennis Bowman
Ashley Dougherty
Stephen Cropper

Pittsburgh Radio Personalities: Keepin’ us entertained while sittin’ on any parkway

Jimmy Roach
Jim Krenn
Mikey & Big Bob
Mark Madden

Pittsburgh Play-By-Play Announcers: Mute those TV guys and turn up the radio

Mike Lange
Myron Cope
Bill Hillgrove
Lanny Frattare

Pittsburgh Sports Reporters: Sundee Night Sports Showdown gotta be the best show in the ‘Burgh

Stan Savran
Guy Junker
Dejan Kovacevic
Pick a Steigerwald

*I intentionally kept out Bob Pompeani ‘cause he cut in front of me at Boston Market one time. Forget that guy.

Pittsburgh Artists n’at: We’ve got class because of these folks

Andy Warhol
Lee Terbosic
Dave DiCello
Baron Batch

Rooney’s:  The ‘Burgh’s version of the Royal Family

Art II

Before we go chipping away the rock, I think we should get some other input. Do you have any suggestions or changes to these? Lemme hear ‘em.


Photo credit to Benstonium


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