It Was All a Dream...

It’s been an incredible start for Shades on Point! We’re overwhelmed with the support we’ve received from so many. What started as a simple desire to “do it better,” has become a dedication to create something from nothing – and I couldn’t be more humbled by our launch.

We’ve been officially open for business for just over a week – one week. So much has happened since I set out on this journey, and so many people have been involved. I can’t even begin to thank everyone – but you know who you are. You helped keep me sane, helped keep me going and helped guide me to this finished product, one I couldn’t be more proud of. It’s been a labor of a lot of hard work, a true testament to what we stand for as a brand.

We’re not fluffy or frilly. We’re not boastful or bougie. We’re from Pittsburgh – we work hard and cheer harder for the Black and Gold. We’re loyal – sometimes to a fault. We stick together. We honor the past while paving the way to an innovative future. No matter where life takes us, no matter where we now choose to call home, we love our city. The best city in the world.

I wanted to create something to honor the city where I was lucky enough to be born. There’s something special in all of us who start out here – I can’t quite put it into words, but if you’re one of us, you know what I mean. I put a lot of thought into the iconic points of interest around our city - the different places that as a “Pittsburgher” mean something special. 

Shades on Point is named for the sacred place where our three rivers come together to form the Golden Triangle. Each pair is made from eco-friendly materials and features an etching of the Pittsburgh skyline on the side. We launched with our first three styles– The Allegheny, The Mon and The Ohio – to pay homage to the rivers that sculpted our great city.

We’re excited for what’s next, and excited to see our little brand grow, just like our little city did, into something everyone wants to be part of. Check back for more as we take you on this journey with us!


       Muz Signature - Shades on Point

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