Land Of The Free, Because Of The Brave

Memorial Day – the start of summer, countless retail sales and a long weekend to enjoy with friends and family. Too often we get caught-up in these moments during this holiday weekend and forget the true meaning of Memorial Day – a day to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

As the owner of a small business, I, too, jumped on the “Memorial Day Sale” bandwagon to entice would-be customers to purchase. I even threw-in the “start of summer” tagline given the product we’re selling is tied directly to the days being brighter and daylight being around longer. It doesn’t mean, however, that I’ve forgotten.

I don’t know if it’s the blue-collar past of Pittsburgh, or if every small town in America is this way, but I can’t be in any group of Pittsburghers without the majority of us having a direct connection to the armed forces. And sadly, you don’t have to go too far to find someone who has lost a loved one who had been serving.

Personally, my grandfather Musolin was a Ranger who climbed cliffs in France on D-Day. He was highly decorated - three Purple Hearts, three Silver Stars, and two Bronze Stars – and could have killed Hitler, if not for the fear of Nazi retaliation on American POWs. My grandfather Owens also served bravely in the Army during WWII. I couldn’t be more proud to have these guys as the patriarchs of our families.

My CMO’s family is also littered with veterans – her grandpap, great-uncle, dad and cousin all served, and thankfully, all came home, but sadly, all watched their friends, brave men and women, lose their lives in front of them.

And while Memorial Day is about remembering those who have died for our freedom, we should also take a moment to remember the sacrifice that those who fought and came home made as well. War changes a person, and we should all be thankful each and every day for those who have and those who currently are doing what they are to provide the rest of us with the lifestyle that we all enjoy.

Today, I’m able to be worried about selling my inventory of sunglasses and my shipment of boxes that is late because there are men and women who have stepped-up to protect me and my freedom, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Vets have stepped-up to serve, so the rest of us could worry about trivial things like sunglasses and shipping boxes. It’s the most-selfless thing I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

So today, on this Memorial Day, remember to take time to honor those who have passed. Take time to thank those who are still here. And take time to realize how lucky we are to live in the country we do.

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