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The North Shore

From the Point, cross over the Allegheny to the home of Heinz Field, PNC Park, and the Andy Warhol Museum. The North Shore is one of the fastest expanding areas of Pittsburgh and is a top summer destination in the city, so it's only fitting that we've chosen this mix of Zebrawood and acetate as our first expansion model.


Run and Brunch in the 'Burgh

Run and Brunch in the 'Burgh

Our brand ambassador, Jensen, grew up as Punxsutawney Phil’s neighbor but has completely fallen in love with Pittsburgh during her first two years as a business student at the University of Pittsburgh. Her food-inspired Instagram handle - @jensenlovesfood – along with her knowledge of our great city made her the perfect guest blogger to bring you a way to stay active and well-fed during these beautiful summer days in the ‘Burgh.
Flashdance to Dark Knight

Flashdance to Dark Knight

Squeeze a couple more squirts of butter on that popcorn… It’s time for Uncle Jerry’s Points of Interest.
There ain’t nothin’ butter, oops, better than goin’ to the drive-in on a warm night in the 'burgh. I cram the kids in the trunk so I don’t have to pay for them, the ol’ lady packs all the dollar candy from CVS and we sit dahn on the parking chairs to just enjoy a good flick.
Pittsburgh's Own Fountain of Youth

Pittsburgh's Own Fountain of Youth

You’ve heard a lot from our Uncle Jerry, and from some guy named Muz, but I thought it might be time to get a little bit of a female voice on this site. I was recently in a presentation for my day job and was shocked to hear that women now make up 51% of this great country. We’re no longer the minority, technically.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.


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